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And this year's Dancing With The Stars contestants redefining the term "stars" are....

Sort of like finishing a grande cabriole by doing the Bartman, the revelation of who will do the relevancy tango on next season’s Dancing With The Stars reached its anticlimactic conclusion last night, long after all the good names were already leaked. As we reported earlier, Bristol Palin and The Situation will do their awkward fertility dance and turn our crops to dust, Tom Bergeron will exhaust himself trying to explain what Audrina Patridge is famous for, and David Hasselhoff will only choose routines whose names can accommodate a “Hoff” pun. Joining them this year will be Brandy, Margaret Cho, Florence Henderson, Kyle Massey, Kurt Warner, Rick Fox, Michael Bolton, and now-unrecognizable Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey.  Let the wagering begin.


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