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And that's why you don't watch the new Arrested Development episodes out of order

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For months now we’ve been hearing that the new episodes of Arrested Development can be viewed in any order—thanks either to Mitch Hurwitz’s brilliant construction, or the fact that, surprise, they’re actually just plotless tone poems, full of characters spouting non-sequiturs in a desperate attempt to generate more quotables. As it turns out, Hurtwitz made a huge error in judgment, as the saying goes.  “You gotta watch them in order,” Hurwitz clarified via Twitter last night, shortly after he said he’d finished the “final mix” on the 15 new episodes. “Turns out I was not successful in creating a form where the setup follows the punch line.” The bartender says, “Sorry, we don’t serve food.” A ham sandwich walks into a bar…. Okay, we can see where Hurwitz is coming from. Anyway, when the episodes appear en masse on May 26, keep in mind you have to watch in order, or you won’t find them as funny (for reasons that are well within your control).


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