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And that was the day Fred Savage realized he'd become a man who directed Charlize Theron movies

Having overcome the indignities of junior high and Daddy Day Camp to become a real, prolific, TV-directing man, Fred Savage is now preparing to achieve another milestone by helming his first feature film about girls. Savage is said to be in talks, presumably adorably nervous ones, to head up Ladies Night, a “Bridesmaids-esque comedy” in which Charlize Theron would star as a woman whose frustration with her noncommittal boyfriend leads her to have one last wild night with her gal pals before leaving town for good. If he could only muster up the courage and ignore the taunts, Fred Savage would be asked to go steady with Charlize Theron all the way through the production. And even if it didn’t last forever, she would always be his first.

As Fred Savage talked about all this with Charlize Theron, he knew that things would never quite be the same between them. Oh sure, they’d still be friends—catching fireflies on a summer’s evening, watching a baseball game, even seeing a man walk on the moon together. But there would always be this unspoken thing between them, this sense of something… bigger. The funny thing about being a film director is, you start out trying to tell someone else’s story, looking at things through a lens like a telescope. But pretty soon, you realize you’re in the story, and that the telescope is pointed right back at you. After all, life is a series of twists and turns and Bridesmaids-esque comedies. And that was the moment Fred Savage knew he’d turned a corner, on that long road home.

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