Hello, this is me, Arnold Schwarzenegger. I am telling you what you are looking at, which is a photo of me and Sylvester Stallone looking at something. This is on the set of our new movie, The Tomb, which is a great movie because it has me and Sylvester Stallone. We are both movie stars, and we are starring in a movie together. Sylvester Stallone said, “Hey, Arnie, do you want to be in a picture together?” and I said yes. That was on the set of our movie, The Tomb, and this is that picture. I thought he meant “picture” like a movie, because sometimes people call movies that, but it turned out it was both. We had lots of jokes like that.

Anyway, this is a picture of me and Stallone. I am sitting down and he is standing. In the movie, we sometimes stand at the same time, but I am not sure if we sit at the same time. That is a question for the director, because he controls the edits of the movies. Anyway, Sylvester is playing a security expert who is put in a prison he designed. It is called The Tomb, but there are no mummies there. It is a prison. Calling it a tomb is a play on words. That’s what the director told me.


I play a prisoner in the prison. I have a beard, because I have been in there a long time. During my research, I visited a prison and was told that sometimes men grow beards. They do this because they have little else to do. They also work out. I also work out.

In this scene we are looking at something. I have my arms crossed, like, “No, I don’t care what it is we are looking at, I am in prison and am very comfortable here. These things you are showing me don’t surprise me.” Sylvester has his hands in his pockets, because he is less comfortable, but maybe pretending to be comfortable. I don’t know if he has anything in his pockets, though. Sylvester didn’t show me, but maybe he does. You should ask the director that too.

We are both in prisoner uniforms that have stripes, like prisoners. In the background you can see some of the other prisoners who have stripes too. These clothes were very comfortable, but I would not wear them if I was not in prison.

I am not in prison here, though. It is a movie set made to look like a prison. I don’t remember what we are looking at, but you will see when the movie comes out. It is a big, exciting movie. It has action, suspense, and some laughter, and also some scenes where we sit and look at things, like this one. Go see it.


[Photo via Wall Street Journal]