The horror of the Aurora shooting forced Warner Bros. to make a difficult decision about the upcoming Gangster Squad—either delay the film from its September start date to allow current, raw-nerved sensitivities to abate somewhat, or dissociate it from the actions of a notoriety-seeking madman by allowing those actions to impact yet another movie that will long outlive him. Initially it chose the latter, opting to change completely a climactic sequence that involves a shooting in Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Now it's chosen both: The studio is postponing Gangster Squad to a possible January 2013 release date, depending on how quickly they can reassemble the cast for reshoots, and when the production crew can come up with a replacement scene—such as Ryan Gosling's cops and Sean Penn's mobsters tossing their Tommy guns aside and settling their differences via an old-fashioned game of dodgeball. Everyone likes dodgeball, right? Nobody can complain about dodgeball.