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And now they're making a TV show based on Ghost

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In the story of something once beloved hanging around far longer than it should, its insistence on not letting go only standing in the way of new life, until finally it accepts that its time has passed, yet another movie is making its way to a TV adaptation. This time it’s Ghost, the 1990 blockbuster in which Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore had sex with pottery, and God punished them for their abomination by killing Swayze and forcing him to hang with Whoopi Goldberg for a while. To develop Ghost into a series, Paramount has tapped two guys who know all about extending franchises to the breaking point, Amazing Spider-Man 2 co-writer Jeff Pinkner and Batman & Robin producer Akiva Goldsman, a team that worked together on Fringe and thus has the necessary experience with stories blending romance and the supernatural to just sit a round out, and maybe cobble together a Ghost TV show for a while. No word yet on how the film’s fairly self-contained story will be translated into a weekly series, because someone said “Ghost TV show” and that was enough.


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