As part of Hollywood’s ongoing mission to squeeze every last bit of out of Betty White while she’s still around, producer Jerry Weintraub recently pitched the umpteenth proposed remake of his 1977 comedy Oh, God!, with White taking over the role of the oddly sarcastic Almighty made famous by George Burns, and Paul Rudd playing the sad-sack mortal adequately portrayed by John Denver. Deadline takes pains to note that there’s nothing set in stone here—there’s no killer script yet, and offers haven’t officially gone out to anyone, let alone the probably-very-tired White—as well as the fact that this is just one of many Weintraub attempts to bring back Oh, God! over the years, the most recent being a pitch that involved Ellen DeGeneres. However, considering how quickly the news has spread—as with anything involving Betty White these days—we wouldn’t be surprised to see this rushed into production; it would definitely be a race against the twin looming threats of overexposure and mortality.