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Illustration for article titled And now theres a 200,000 brick LEGO model of elven outpost Rivendell

The woman who made the massively detailed model of the Hogwarts School Of Magic out of LEGO has somehow one-upped herself with her new project, a 10-foot-by-5-foot replica of Middle Earth’s Rivendell. The model of the city from The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings was made by Alice Finch and LEGO architect David Frank and uses about 200,000 bricks, including pieces from Star Wars sets that have been adapted to become elvish windows and pieces of Arwen’s tower. Finch told Wired that the whole project took the pair somewhere between 83 and 91 full days to complete, something that’s really just insane. Glance through the slideshow of pictures on Finch’s Flickr page, though, and the level of detail produced in that amount of time really becomes clear.


The two premiered their Rivendell earlier this year at BrickCon in Seattle. Pacific Northwesterners will also have a chance to see the elaborate cityscape next March at both Portland’s Bricks Cascade convention and Seattle’s Emerald City Comic Con.

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