Photo: ABC Photo Archives (Getty Images)

As Hollywood wrestles with today’s shocking, monocle-popping revelation that a right-leaning, Trump-supporting comedian might harbor some “secret” racist tendencies, the corporate tidal wave of companies moving to distance themselves from TV star Roseanne Barr continues to spread. Barr already had her recently revived (and up until a few hours ago, certified hit) sitcom canceled in the wake of comments she made this morning about former Obama administration adviser Valerie Jarrett; her agent quickly followed suit, having apparently finally been freed from the “Can’t tell someone sucks now” glamour Barr had previously cast upon them.

Now, the movement away from the stand-up, actor, and writer has gotten so powerful it’s positively retroactive; TV Land, Paramount Television, and CMT have all announced that they’re pulling reruns of the old Roseanne from their schedules, too, and Hulu has announced that it’s dropping the series entirely from it streaming library. The suggestion here seems to be that the Roseanne brand—which has sat ill at ease with Barr herself for years, as she’s gone further and further afield from the qualities that made the show so refreshing and strong in its finest years—has now officially become too toxic for anybody to safely make any money off of it. (At least, for now.)


Meanwhile, if anybody’s looking to patch the suddenly gaping holes in their TV schedules, former ABC favorite (and Pushing Daisies creator) Bryan Fuller has a suggestion:


[via Entertainment Weekly]