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And now The Grudge is getting a reboot

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Having died in a fit of rage and sorrow over a straight-to-DVD release for The Grudge 3, the spirit of the Grudge franchise has returned to seek its vengeance by readying itself for a reboot. Deadline reports that Midnight Meat Train screenwriter Jeff Buhler—also currently working on that sort-of-remake of Jacob’s Ladder—will draft a new version of the 2004 film that arrived just as America began outsourcing all of its horror movie tropes to Japan, whose labor force of pasty, drowned waifs rendered scares more cheaply. As before, Sam Raimi will also produce this new Grudge. It’s worth noting that The Grudge was itself a remake of Ju-On: The Grudge, which was the third of seven movies in the original Ju-On franchise, making this new movie the reboot of a remake of a sequel. Still, as The Grudge showed us, constantly disturbing the same spirit usually works out great for everybody.


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