According to the scattered, badly punctuated Twitter account of Celebrity Boxing honcho Damon Feldman, the proposed match between un-convicted killer George Zimmerman and convicted Ruff Ryder DMX will not happen. If you follow Feldman's timeline, you can almost see him crack under the pressure of people telling him that this was a truly bad, sad, ridiculous, disrespectful idea. Back on February 6, he tweeted: "Just want to thank everyone for the support and love I don't want anyone thinking I'm making a mockery out of the tragedy its  entertainment." Later, he gets mad at the people giving him shit about it, saying, "I don't see color I love everyone your a racial punk look at u." Eventually, he comes around to agreeing with his detractors, saying, "The George Zimmerman fight is canceled  I'm sorry for anyone I hurt with this but this was a very big opportunity thank you." He goes on to pat himself on the back for giving up the millions of dollars he would've made. You can read the whole mess here. [h/t to Deadspin] [UPDATE: Feldman has removed the tweets saying the fight is off, and now claims that he’ll make a final decision and announce it at a press conference on Tuesday.]