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And now the creator of House will make Steve Coogan into an American TV star

House creator David Shore definitely isn’t reinventing the asshole wheel with his new drama Doubt, which follows a cop turned “low-rent lawyer” who uses his cunning “street smarts” to game the system, yet remains plagued by his own personal demons. In addition to retaining Shore’s love of effective yet flawed protagonists and that pleasantly round “ou” diphthong, Doubt will similarly mark the American series debut of a British TV comedy icon: Steve Coogan has signed on to star, following Hugh Laurie’s lead and bringing to the role the same unctuous yet loveable charm he’s brought to characters like Alan Partridge and movies such as 24 Hour Party People and The Trip. Coogan previously tried crossing over to U.S. TV with that rejected HBO pilot loosely based on his Tropic Thunder performance, but this seems much more comfortable, the kind of nice, low-expectations procedural a guy can just ride out for eight or nine seasons.


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