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And now Sleepaway Camp will also get a reboot

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Continuing the Halloween tradition of remembering our favorite scary movies, then looking to see if the rights are available so we can remake them, former New Line executive Jeff Katz has begun developing a franchise reboot of Sleepaway Camp, the cult 1983 slasher that has yet to be updated, so therefore it must. The original Sleepaway Camp—in which a series of grisly murders upsets the normal order of brutal ostracizing and diarrhea that is summer camp—remains highly regarded by horror fans (save the cast of How Did This Get Made?), both for its admirably straightforward approach to just getting to the killing already, and also for its twist ending. Deadline reports that this new Sleepaway Camp, which is already being described as a “series” of films, will recall the “legacy and the psychosexual elements” of the original—though not of the many, increasingly terrible sequels that followed. Of course, it seems pretty unlikely to revisit that infamous final scene, considering the Internet is just going to spoil it for you right now.


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