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And now Seth Meyers may be rolled in to plug the Jimmy Fallon-shaped hole on Late Night

While Seth Meyers missed his chance to fill the Regis Philbin void, his equivalently lightweight banter and body dimension maintaining the balance that prevents spring-loaded spikes from being launched into Kelly Ripa’s face, he may yet be used as an Indiana Jones-style sandbag in another, perhaps even more appropriate swap. The New York Post believes Meyers is now in line to take over the Late Night hosting gig once Jimmy Fallon usurps Jay Leno, since producer Lorne Michaels can apparently only use another former Weekend Update host to fill the position—this, as the ancient prophets foretold, after a go-nowhere anecdote about their dog. Michaels reportedly first went to Tina Fey, who graciously told him “she was too busy to do it” before mentioning that she’s starring in “movies” now, maybe he’s heard of them. And with Amy Poehler similarly booked and Charles Rocket regrettably dead, that leaves Meyers, or perhaps some sort of Kevin Nealon/Norm Macdonald tag-team that involves using a complicated system of pulleys. Probably just easier to get Seth Meyers, though.


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