Some of the best episodes of the Comedy Bang Bang podcast are the Solo Bolos, where CBB host Scott Aukerman teams up with frequent Parks And Recreation guest and House Of Lies star Ben Schwartz to, basically, just fuck around and sing Broadway songs for an hour or so. On Schwartz’s last appearance on CBB, Aukerman introduced a new game for the two to play: “Song Olympics.” Essentially a competition to see if they could solo off each other in rapid-fire fashion, the Song Olympics was a sonic triumph—at least, if you like selections from The Lion King.

Now, Michael Hartigan, a CBB listener and real life hero, has put music to the Song Olympics, making Aukerman and Schwartz’s 3:30 riff into a sweeping epic fit for any splashy stage production. The mix has already drawn Aukerman’s attention, with the host calling it “great,” so here’s hoping he’ll invite Hartigan to score any and all future Solo Bolo endeavors.