Pharrell Williams just can’t stop wearing dumb stuff on his head. The Walmart hypeman is now taking heat for wearing a Native American headdress on the cover of Elle UK, something you’d think he and everyone at Elle UK—especially in the wake of the Wayne Coyne controversy—would know isn’t okay in the name of fashion. Native Americans and anti-Pharrell advocates have started using the hashtag #NotHappy on Twitter, leading to comments like the following:

.@Pharrell - I'm a big fan, and I'm a Cherokee citizen. Disappointed to see you in a headdress on the @ELLEmagazine cover :( #nothappy

— Talia E. Myres (@jeepgirl77) June 4, 2014

Seriously, when are we going to stop with all this cultural appropriation? #NOThappy

— Emily T (@emiiilyt) June 4, 2014

Before this whole thing could get too out of hand, Williams has already apologized via his publicist, saying he “respects and honors every kind of race, background, and culture” and noting that he’s “genuinely sorry.”