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And now Pez dispensers are getting their own movie

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In a move that, with any luck, will lead to a shared universe with the emoji movie and the Play-Doh movie, the curse of The Lego Movie has finally reached the humble Pez dispenser. Variety reports that Envision Media Arts is developing a feature film based on Pez candy, which was invented 88 years ago in Austria and has been leaving a chalky aftertaste in the mouths of naive youngsters ever since.

The movie will be animated, presumably to spare more sensitive viewers the nightmare-inducing experience of watching some actor in a mo-cap suit slowly detaching their head from their neck to expose a neatly stacked tower of slightly stale sugar lumps where their internal organs should be. Given Pez’s long history of releasing pop-culture themed dispensers, this could be a fun opportunity to have iconic characters, from R2-D2 and C-3PO to the Minions, interact in a fantastic—if inherently rather unsettling, given the open throats and lack of limbs—environment. Or, given that rights to those characters are expensive and Envision’s biggest hit to date was the modest indie film Celeste And Jesse Forever, it could be a clown and a bunny rabbit hopping around.


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