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And now people are naming their babies after Frozen

BuzzFeed reports that “Elsa,” the name of the protagonist in Disney’s animated film Frozen, has become the 88th most popular name in the United Kingdom—a 34-percent jump from last year. Other names from the film—“Kristoff,” “Hana,” and “Sven”—all also received significant bumps of 40 percent or more.

The study was brought to you by BabyCenter.com, a website that we can confirm is not made up. The U.S. doesn’t seem to have seen a similar bump (a baby bump, ahahahaha), as BuzzFeed notes that “Elsa” is still ranked 528th here in the States. (“Khaleesi,” meanwhile, is still on the rise.)


It’s hard to imagine that Americans are above naming their newborns after pop culture figures—like we said, there are babies named “Khaleesi”—so really, the only conclusion is that simply not enough Americans have watched Frozen yet.

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