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No sooner had the announcement been passed down that Jessica Chastain would be joining Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar than Nolan remembered, oops, he forgot to put Michael Caine in there, so now Michael Caine is in there. This, of course, is just as we predicted back when Anne Hathaway was cast alongside Matthew McConaughey in Nolan’s science-fiction time-travel wormhole thing, using our own perceptive insights into the predictive quantum patterns of the universe, and also by watching Christopher Nolan movies, since Michael Caine has been in all of them since Batman Begins. Now Caine’s role is official and, once again, completely mysterious, other than the fact that he’ll probably play some sort of wise, avuncular British man not unlike Michael Caine. And that he’ll pronounce it “worm ‘ole.”


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