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The record smashing of The Avengers and the likely, if relatively smaller success of The Amazing Spider-Man has accelerated the already fervent interest in making Marvel characters—any Marvel character—into movies, as the desire to see superheroes on screen is an endlessly renewable resource, like oil. And so it is that the Paramount-based indie production shingle Eisenberg-Fisher has picked up the rights to The Human Fly, a short-lived superhero who enjoyed a 19-issue run during the Evel Knievel-spawned daredevil craze of the late '70s, and based its premise on the real-life exploits of stuntman Rick Rojatt—though the film will be based ont he real-life exploits of competing Human Fly, Joe Ramacieri. Music video director Steven Goldmann is attached to direct the developing film, which is described on the movie's website as a "boisterously comic" look at a self-made superhero who was "more nuts than sane, more con man than stuntman"—so actually, perhaps it's less of a standard comic-book movie than a cross between Kick-Ass and Hot Rod, say. Not that any of this matters much, as you've long since moved on to the comments to reference that one Simpsons episode with The Human Fly. That's fine. Go on and do that. We'll just stay up here, alone with our thoughts. Hmm, warm today.


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