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Though it seemed like the sole silver lining about Fox passing on the Locke & Key pilot last year was that it at least gave Nick Stahl something positive to do for a little while, it now looks as though the creative team behind the adaptation might be getting back together to develop it for the bigger screen. Latino Review initially sparked the caliente rumor that a film trilogy is in the works for Joe Hill's supernatural comic, quickly followed by the pilot's co-producer Roberto Orci confirming via Twitter that he and Alex Kurtzman are indeed doing that, and Hill chiming in himself by retweeting a link to another article about Orci's confirmation. Of course, it's still all just rumors and retweets at this point, and it's not a given that anyone will agree to release three whole movies just because Orci and Kurtzman are attached—even if this is about supernatural and genre-y things, and the studios definitely like to keep Orci and Kurtzman toiling on their little nerd projects for nerds. Still, for those who have been lamenting the mysterious disappearance of the Locke & Key series for about a year, now you can move on to wondering about this thing.


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