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And now Jane Levy will star in the Evil Dead remake

Having lost Lily Collins to scheduling issues and, let’s say, malaria, the Evil Dead remake has found another rising young female star to play its gender-reversed Ash equivalent, since no one wants to see Bruce Campbell in a dress. That female: Jane Levy, whose witheringly tart-tongued performance on Suburgatory suggests she’ll do just fine with whatever cleverly curlicue dialogue Diablo Cody has brought to the project. As previously reported, Levy will play Mia, the recovering drug addict whose brushes with the Book of the Dead will initially be written off as delirium tremens and ruin an otherwise totally fun detoxing party out in the woods. And for those concerned that the new Evil Dead won’t have the appropriate quotient of actors who have starred in fairy-tale reimaginings, Levy will be joined by Shiloh Fernandez, Robert Pattinson’s non-union Mexican equivalent from Red Riding Hood, who will play one of Levy’s fellow addicts. Only three more young addicts to go, so if you’re appropriately pale, you’d better get to an audition.


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