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And now, here’s Sir Paul McCartney as a silly Disney movie pirate

(Photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images)

Thrusting that old rock legend stand-by question, “The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?” into a weirdly nautical, theme-park-y new direction, Sir Paul McCartney announced last year that he’d be following in Keith Richards’ footsteps with a cameo in the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies. (Specifically, this month’s Dead Men Tell No Tales.) Now, McCartney has tweeted out a picture of what an English knight and rock legend looks like in full pirate regalia, as a promo for the May 26 blockbuster.


The answer? Pretty much like anybody else, once you slap enough fake beard on their face. (It’s an enduring mystery why this franchise hires some of the biggest faces in the world, and then turns them all into the same species of awful beard monster.) It might be a bit of a downgrade from his stint on the Yellow Submarine, but at least Sir Paul’s still keeping his maritime hand in with his role as “Jail Guard 2.”

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