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And now here’s a supercut of TV’s most memorable Christmas trees

The power of Christmas to inspire peace on earth and/or good will toward men is, at best, debatable. The power of Christmas to inspire episodes of episodic television, however, is indisputable. Ample evidence of this can be found in “The Television Christmas Tree SuperCut,” a new YouTube video by VKMTV Studios. Set to the jaunty sounds of Darryl Hall and John Oates, this Yuletide compilation includes moments from a half-century of TV, from The Andy Griffith Show to Mad Men. Traveling far and wide in search of kick-ass Christmas tree scenes, this collection makes stops in such familiar locales as Springfield, Gotham, Bedrock, Milwaukee, and the Satellite of Love. The Bunkers, Tanners, Bundys, and Cranes all put in appearances, too. Think the castaways of Gilligan’s Island decided to forego observing the holiday because they had given up hope of ever returning to civilization or seeing their families again? Think again. Ditto the jolly prisoners of war in Hogan’s Heroes. A nice feature of the video is that it begins and ends with tree-lighting ceremonies, one spectacular and the other… not quite as spectacular. A complete listing of shows included in the supercut can also be found on VKMTV’s Tumblr.

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