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And now for a short story told entirely through Blink-182 soundbites

Photo: Jo Hale (Getty Images)

Nobody sounds quite like Tom DeLonge, which is presumably why that 10-hour loop of his verse from Blink-182's “I Miss You” went as viral as it did. Well, if you were a fan of that particular gag, it’s likely you’ll also dig this short clip from comedian Budd Anthony Diaz, who took it upon himself to make a short film comprised entirely of isolated Blink-182 soundbites. Yes, DeLonge sounds just as weird with no instruments backing him.

It begins, fittingly, with DeLonge’s iconic “Where are you!,” and evolves into a story of a haunted house and the spiders under the bed. Diaz lifts lines from “Feeling This,” “Stay Together For The Kids,” “Always,” and, perhaps most gloriously, “Adam’s Song,” mouthing along to each with a straight-faced seriousness that ups the absurdity factor that much more. Watch it below.


A DeLonge-less Blink-182 is currently on tour with Lil Wayne, despite Weezy nearly bailing due to the crowds not being his “swag.” They’ll release a new album, Nine, next month. DeLonge, meanwhile, is making music, writing books, and making TV shows when not hunting aliens.

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