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And now Dan Harmon has another TV show in the works at CBS

In case you were still rending your garments over Dan Harmon losing his Community job, consider getting out the sewing kit, or moving on to rending something more disposable and perhaps paper-based. TV Line reports that Harmon has added to his recent impending Fox deal with another one at CBS, this time a "blind script pact" to develop another half-hour comedy. As with the Fox project, details on the CBS show are under wraps, though it's believed that it will also be a traditional multi-camera sitcom, a format that Harmon has also shown interest in exploring at Fox and something which is definitely CBS's forte. It's not yet clear what would prompt CBS to give Harmon a show sight unseen, especially after his professional difficulties became the talk of the industry. But it's easy to imagine that, after Harmon talked about wishing to make a prefabricated hamburger patty of a TV show characterized by simple ideas and serving primarily to anesthetize a trudging, dispirited populace, some CBS executive couldn't dial the phone fast enough.


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