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Illustration for article titled And now celebrities will injure themselves on a reality show trying to learn gymnastics

As if watching Louie Anderson nearly drown on celebrity high-dive disaster Splash did not satiate the desire for celebrities to prove they're not Olympians, now there’s a project in development to see how badly tangentially famous people can injure themselves attempting to learn gymnastics. Celebrity Champions will feature former Olympian coaches mentoring celebrity contestants on bars, floor, rings, and vault—and somebody is going to get destroyed trying to learn the Amanar.  The program boasts Olympic gold medalist Mary Lou Retton as its lead judge, along with Shannon Miller and Paul Hamm as attached mentors. Core Media insists that they will be “smart about casting and put in the proper training time to ensure success…and lower the potential for injury.” Still, female gymnasts peak by the late teens, and male gymnasts about five to eight years later, meaning that unless they plan to raid The CW and ABC Family for contestants of questionable celebrity, there will be pratfalls aplenty.


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