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And now, Bruce Campbell with your traffic and weather

Last weekend, groovy Bruce Campbell himself was in the Chicagoland area attending Wizard World Chicago and hanging out with the likes of Tom Holland, Michael Rooker, and Barry Bostwick. His afternoons and evenings are filled with autograph hounds and photo ops, but what’s the man supposed to do with his mornings? Stop by a local news station and do the weather, of course.

Clad in a lavender suit that only Bruce or Steve Harvey could pull off, the Ash Vs. Evil Dead star (and his chin) dropped in for an interview with Good Day Chicago on the local Fox affiliate. There, Campbell took it upon himself to help with Mark Strehl’s weather forecast. Surprisingly enough, the Army Of Darkness star seemed befuddled by the green screen, making silly noises and having trouble finding Moline on a map. (To be fair, most people who live in Chicago cannot find Moline on a map, nor would they ever need to.)


Bruce then moved over to traffic with Jenny Milkowski. Bruce probably spent too much time over there, honestly; he could have just said, “The expressways are all fucked up, there’s too much construction, and it’s going to take you two hours to get anywhere at any time of day,” simply because it’s Chicago.

[h/t Nerdist]

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