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And now Brian Grazer will produce the Oscars

In news that will hopefully quell any panicked 9 to 5 commuters just running recklessly in the direction of the horizon today, some sense of order has been restored to the Oscars: Deadline reports that producer Brian Grazer has agreed to fill the Ratner-sized hole in the telecast, probably by crouching a little. Grazer is, of course, an Oscar winner (for A Beautiful Mind) and frequent nominee, and is partnered with Ron Howard on Imagine Entertainment, which provides you with an excuse to talk about Arrested Development if you want. More relevantly, however, he’s also a producer on Tower Heist, which the Academy hopes means he will be able to salvage some of the work that was being done before Brett Ratner Brett Ratnered his way right out of the job—beginning with convincing Eddie Murphy to come back as host. “If anyone can get Eddie back in, it’s Brian,” says Deadline, because Brian Grazer is secretly Arsenio Hall, shhhhh.


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