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And now Bill Clinton will be on Colbert

The Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert’s Late Show continues to carve out a niche for itself as the go-to late night spot for people who are, were, or would like to be the president of the United States, with the program’s staff announcing today that former saxophonist-in-chief Bill Clinton would be on the show next week. Clinton will stop by Colbert’s set on October 6 to discuss the 11th annual meeting of the Clinton Global Intiative, as well as, in all likelihood, his wife Hilary’s current presidential bid, plus whether it’s great to be Bill Clinton. (We’re guessing it’s mostly great to be Bill Clinton.) The pair last sat down together for a cordial chat in front of millions of people back in 2013, when Clinton was a guest on The Colbert Report.

In the less-than-a-month since Colbert made the move to network late-night, he’s already hosted a number of big political names, including Jeb Bush, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, and high-profile hair monster Donald Trump. His other guests on the October 6 show include Florence And The Machine and Billy Eichner, who we can only hope can coax the former president into what would be the greatest Billy On The Street “running around New York and shouting inappropriate things at people” segment ever filmed.


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