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And now, a soundboard celebrating I Think You Should Leave's "Stinky!" car focus group guy

Illustration for article titled And now, a soundboard celebrating iI Think You Should Leave/is Stinky! car focus group guy
Screenshot: Netflix

Like many fans of horrifically funny comic discomfort, we’ve had our brains colonized of late by Netflix’s new sketch series I Think You Should Leave. Tim Robinson’s dedicated exploration of awkward situations—and the numerous ways to make them oh so much worse—is a real treasure trove of great, weird, characters, but few lodge in the memory better than the “Car Focus Group” guy, played by incredibly distinctive former Spanish-language TV star Ruben Rabasa.


Now you can never be far from Rabasa’s cries of “Stinky!” or “Shut up, Paul!”, courtesy of some beautiful work by writer and Pixar visual effects artist Micheal Frederickson, who will now go down in history as the inspired creator of the I Think You Should Leave Car Focus Group Guy soundboard. We’ll let you poke around the board on your own, but here’s a tip: If you ever need to order someone to marry their mother-in-law as quick as humanly possible, D’s probably the best way to go.

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