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The crush of fairy-tale re-imaginings headed our way now comprises a list so tediously lengthy that in lieu of recounting them all yet again, it’s become easier to say, “Pretty much everything except Sleeping Beauty.” And now screenwriter Lindsay Devlin has come along to totally screw that up for us with a Sleeping Beauty spec script that’s being pitched as a project for Hailee Steinfeld, whose Oscar-nominated turn in True Grit has put her on the shortlist for just about any movie with a teenage girl character, while Abigail Breslin sits in the dark, clipping Steinfeld’s photos from magazines and methodically cutting out the eyes. But rather than the boring old Sleeping Beauty of yore, this is, of course, a totally new “revisionist” version that will find Sleeping Beauty lost in “the dream world” as she tries to fight her way back into the land of the conscious. So it’s basically a remake of the Dennis Quaid-starring 1984 thriller Dreamscape—or at least, that’s what we’re going to tell ourselves, because we are completely surfeited on revisionist fairy tales, seriously.


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