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And here’s what’s coming to Amazon Prime in November

The Man In The High Castle

Newly legitimized by Transparent’s big Emmy and Golden Globe wins, Amazon is debuting another original series, The Man In The High Castle, on November 20. And although it might have a harder time standing out in the currently extremely crowded TV drama field, expectations are pretty high for the series after a promising pilot earlier this year. As far as feature films go, Amazon appears to be running with the “dark” theme with the debuts of Ex Machina, Only God Forgives, and, most unsettling of all, Adam Sandler’s Eight Crazy Nights on its free-for-members Prime streaming service next month, with Chris Rock’s Top Five as a palate cleanser on the 28. Also new November 1 is The Craft, exactly one day late for Halloween. (Although dialing it up at the witching hour does seem appropriate.)

A full list of titles is below.

November 1st

Desk Set
The Enemy Below
The Craft
Adam Sandler’s Eight Crazy Nights
The Newton Boys

November 5th

The Adventures Of Milo And Otis
The Mask Of Zorro
Seven Years In Tibet
The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus


November 7th

The Yes Men Are Revolting

November 10th

Wolf Hall

November 11th

Outrageous Sophie Tucker

November 12th

The Song

November 14th

Ex Machina

November 15th

The Joe Show

November 18th

Mr. Selfridge: Season 3

Catch Me Daddy

November 19th

Vikings: Season 3

Dying Of The Light

November 20th

The Man In The High Castle: Season 1

November 21st

Only God Forgives

November 22nd

Teen Wolf: Season 5a

November 26th

Kate & Leopold

November 28th

Falling Skies: Season 5
Top Five

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