Like a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside a pair of denim cutoffs, the labyrinthine conspiracy to convince the world that there will be more Arrested Development continues. Yesterday's Jason Bateman-tweeted set photo from the first day of filming the "fourth season"—a photo that contained no actual Arrested Development actors, we might add—has today been answered by a mysterious second shooter, who presents these shots that we're not going to pay to reprint of Bateman, Portia de Rossi, and David Cross (shrouded in a sheet, but with a familiar-looking pair of shorts just barely poking out) ostensibly filming scenes that would complement yesterday's apparent set-up at an airport counter, were any of this real. Or perhaps they're just preparing for their getaway, absconding with all the illicit cash they've surely collected so far from these shenanigans. FOLLOW THE MONEY.