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We already know that Anchorman 2 will deal with the introduction of the 24-hour news cycle, the late-'70s influx of non-white news anchors, a possible custody battle, and an audience who may not stop quoting the first film long enough to watch the sequel. And now we know of one more thing it will contend with: Pulling off at least a couple of big musical numbers—splashy song-and-dance interludes that go beyond the jazz flute beloved of little fairy boys, and into the sort of sequences held over from director Adam McKay's earlier plans to debut Anchorman 2 as a Broadway show.


Speaking further to his grand ambitions, McKay also confirms the film will once more have a "murderers' row of the best day players ever," seeing to it that it "every single one-line or three-line role just be someone we just love. Someone like Ian Roberts or Rob Huebel or Paula Killen—just making sure every day player is a home run." (Given that all of those people have worked on a Will Ferrell/Adam McKay project already, we’d say he has a pretty good shot at landing them.) And considering the sequel has also been hinted to have another epically violent melee scene, McKay may be using "murderers' row" here literally. Unless he's referring to the late-1920s New York Yankees, whose inclusion we would certainly never see coming. [via The Playlist]

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