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Anal beads, "Wesley Sniper," and other horrors to expect from Rick And Morty's fifth season

Image: Rick And Morty (Adult Swim)

Yes, the Rick And Morty writers’ room is as chaotic as you might think, a maelstrom of Post-It notes emblazoned with shit both horrific and hilarious. Co-creator Dan Harmon proved as much in a pair of new Instagram posts that find him and co-writer Rob Schrab hard at work brainstorming the 70 more episodes ordered by Adult Swim.

Want to see Morty buy a boat? Or a “planet powered by chips and salsa”? How about an “artificial person [with] real leg”? A “woman made of fish” We’d turn them all away if it meant getting to see “Wesley Sniper,” which is exactly the kind of strange, indelible wordplay/image we expect of the series. “The amount of season 5 ideas Rob Schrab can come up with in a day is just awe inspiring from a certain distance at which I should have stayed,” Harmon writes in a post displaying these and many more.


These cursed Post-Its will soon manifest into the show’s fifth season, which will arrive sometime following the fourth season, which is slated to debut in November. Hopefully none of them end up getting screamed at poor fast food employees.

[via Collider]


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