You know that adage about the monkeys? The one that postulates that, if you put a thousand monkeys in front of a thousand typewriters and train them to hit random keys, eventually one of them would type out the complete works of Shakespeare? Well, apparently we are the monkeys and Twitter is the typewriter, and we are all working in a literary sweatshop run by the mighty ANAGRAMATRON.

ANAGRAMATRON, a bot created by developer Colin Rothfels but due to develop its own consciousness any second, is still in the early stages of its development. At this point, all it can do is scan Twitter for tweets that are anagrams of each other; ANAGRAMATRON then retweets the coupled results and posts them on its Tumblr page. But how long before ANAGRAMATRON evolves? How long before it combines our petty, throwaway thoughts about politics and food and uses them for its own, potentially best-selling devices? Bow down, monkeys, for the literary genius of the future is here:

…it’s just sad for real

— Desiree’ (@_Queennnique) August 10, 2014

another math genius

— Sciencefuns (@grhluna25) July 1, 2014