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An update from The A.V. Club

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As many of you read in today’s AVQ&A, The A.V. Club is losing some longtime staffers: Nathan Rabin, Tasha Robinson, and Genevieve Koski, who have been incredibly important to the development of The A.V. Club for years—in Nathan’s case, since the mid-’90s. They’re joining former staffers Keith Phipps and Scott Tobias at another Chicago-based media company, for a film-specific project that will be announced soon. They’re immensely talented people who we will miss as friends and colleagues, and we wish them the best of luck with what comes next. We’ll be reading.

While we’re sad to them go, their departure doesn’t change the core mission of The A.V. Club. Our editorial schedule remains as crowded and diverse as ever, with smart long-form pieces nestling comfortably with the best pop-culture news, reviews, and features around. We have a bunch of exciting projects in the works, and we’ll maintain the level of quality that we always have, thanks to our talented staff and contributors. (Expect some new bylines to start popping up as well, naturally.)

Our summer film preview will be online next Thursday, we have a New Girl walkthrough coming up in a couple weeks, a new season of Pop Pilgrims coming together, and a 16-part series on Girls debuting in June. (Not really.) As always, thanks for reading.

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