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An upcoming Game Of Thrones battle apparently took 55 days to film

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Photo: Macall B. Polay (HBO)

The big battle scenes in Game Of Thrones have had to get increasingly elaborate, going from beachfront sieges at night to midday massacres with a dragon, but it sounds like a battle for the show’s final season will be significantly larger than anything it has done before. According to a report on fan site Watchers On The Wall (via /Film), an assistant director working on the show recently posted a since-deleted Instagram photo of a note from the show’s producers, thanking the crew for “enduring 55 straight nights” of shoots in harsh weather.

This long shoot was supposedly for a battle scene at Winterfell, and if it really took 55 days, that would be more than double what it took to film the Battle Of The Bastards in season six and the Loot Train Battle from season seven. /Film also says the battle used between 400 and 500 extras, will take place across multiple locations, may involve the zombie dragon first revealed at the end of last season, and may see the deaths of multiple “recognizable characters.”

Even if this report isn’t completely accurate, though, it should be a very safe bet that some big stuff is going to happen in Game Of Thrones’ final episodes.

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