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An upcoming Bill Cosby appearance on The Late Show has been canceled

Ever since comedian Hannibal Buress talked about the sexual assault allegations that have been brought against Bill Cosby, public opinion of Cosby has been at an all-time low. That’s an especially big deal for Bill Cosby, because public opinion of him has never ever been low in the entire history of Bill Cosby. Plus, perhaps brought on by the train wreck that was Cosby’s social media team’s horrible “meme” idea, people are beginning to realize that now isn’t the best time to hear Cosby putter on about how bad rap music is or whatever he talks about these days.

According to Newsday, Cosby was set to make appearance on David Letterman’s Late Show on Wednesday, but that interview has now been canceled. We don’t know if Cosby or Letterman made the decision, but Newsday does note that Cosby backed out of an appearance on Queen Latifah’s talk show recently. It could be that Cosby and his team figured it was best to lay low for a while, or maybe Letterman’s show chose to distance itself from him. Either way, The New York Times points out that Cosby’s slot has been filled by perennial fill-in guest Regis Philbin. As far as we know, Regis has never done anything bad in his life, so that should be fine.


Cosby hasn’t completely disappeared, though. Just this morning, he spoke with NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday about a bunch of African art that he’s donating to an exhibition. Unfortunately for Cosby, maybe he should’ve canceled that one too—assuming he canceled the others. That’s because NPR’s Scott Simon actually brought up the sexual assault allegations, explaining that he’s “in the news business” and it’s a his job to do so. Cosby, however, refused to acknowledge the questions beyond shaking his head, indicating that he would not answer them. So that doesn’t come across too well, but hey, at least we still have Regis.

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