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An overview of all the crazy shit that Nic Cage blew his money on

Nic Cage in Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans

Nic Cage is popping up in all sorts of films these days—the good (Joe), the bad (Left Behind), and the ugly (Rage). Why is he putting in so much work and becoming so ubiquitous in both theaters and the direct-to-video market? The answer, it would seem, is money; as in, he desperately needs more of it to pay off his various debts. But just what could he have possibly spent his money on that landed him in such dire financial straits? The answer may surprise you. No, really—there’s some wacky stuff in his list of expenses.

Over at Supercompressor, writer Jeremy Glass lists 12 items that Cage bought that have led to his fiscal crisis and they are a collective doozy. Some of it makes some semblance of sense, like the comic book superfan purchasing Action Comics #1 for a cool $1.6 million dollars. And why not have a gulfstream jet to fly to various location shoots or practice being a pilot for that aforementioned god awful Left Behind movie? But then things take a turn.


Cage has purchased a pyramid tombstone, a (supposedly haunted) murder mansion that belonged to the real life inspiration for Kathy Bates’ character from American Horror Story: Coven, a Tarbosaurus skull, the Shah of Iran’s Lamborghini, a private island, and many animals. Dear lord, the animals. Part of Cage’s menagerie includes a shark, an octopus, a crocodile, and two albino king cobras. It’s possible that Cage isn’t just a comic book superfan, but also a wannabe comic book supervillain.

The numbers and tally are all listed at Supercompressor, but the fact remains that it’s going to take a lot more Croods films before Cage is back on the up-and-up.


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