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Out Of Africa

Deadline reports that Harry Potter producer David Heyman is working on a TV adaptation of Karen Blixen’s famed memoir Out Of Africa. Blixen’s book—which recounts her life in Kenya during the final days of the British empire—was previously adapted as a Best Picture-winning film in 1985, with Meryl Streep in the role of the Danish farmer-turned-eventual author. Susanne Bier—who recently won an Emmy for her direction on AMC’s John Le Carré adaptation The Night Manager—will direct and executive produce the series. Bier has long been fascinated with Blixen’s story, telling reporters, “Karen Blixen defied the male-dominated world at every turn. Despite heavy resistance, she single-handedly ran her farm in Africa. She felt a greater kinship with the indigenous Kenyan population than any of her class peers. She both found and lost the love for which she had always longed. This opportunity to engage with her enduring legacy is a great challenge and even greater privilege.”


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