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An Olympic horse just danced to Rob Thomas and Santana’s “Smooth”

Severo Jesus Jurado Lopez and Lorenzo (Photo: David Rogers/Getty Images)

Last week, when Brazil’s Rebecca Andrade performed her gymnastic floor routine to a couple Beyoncé songs—“Crazy In Love” and “Single Ladies”—it seemed like the Rio Olympics had reached their popular music zenith. That all changed today, though, when a horse danced to Rob Thomas and Santana’s hit, “Smooth.” The horse, Lorenzo, got busy while guided by Spain’s Severo Jesus Jurado Lopez during the dressage competition, and it’s honestly incredible to watch, both for the “hey, that horse is dancing” factor and the fact that we’re talking about goddamn “Smooth” here. Lorenzo and Jurado Lopez prance around the court, much like Santana’s fingers on a guitar’s fretboard, and somehow, the whole thing comes off seeming almost classy, if not absolutely ridiculous. Unfortunately, the “Smooth” performance wasn’t enough for a medal, though, with the pair coming in fifth in individual dressage.

Another horse, Steffen Peters’ Legolas, also performed to a snippet of “Ice Ice Baby,” and that video’s over on NBC’s site if you want to seek it out.


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