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An old monster gets to live again in touching short film Titano

It can be hard to get a chance to relive the glory days. Once time has passed and people have been forgotten, it’s difficult to get that second chance to prove how good things once were. That’s a bit of an unexpected undercurrent in a short film called Titano about a former movie monster who has found that life has passed him by.

Written and directed by Ben Chavda, Titano is a touching short film (less than five minutes) that is able to tell a complete story and provide ample character building in its brief timeframe. Irwin Keyes stars as a Tor Johnson/Richard Kiel type who menaced the silver screen in the early days of cinema as the titular creature and finds another opportunity to prove he still has it in him to matter to the world and strike terror in the hearts of men. It’s a beautiful sendoff for the actor, who sadly died earlier this year, and a sweet short that’s worth checking out.

[Via Birth.Movies.Death]


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