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An 'N Sync road trip comedy is in the works, thanks to Lance Bass

Photo: Tim De Waele (Getty Images)

It’s hard to believe that there was a time when nice, wholesome fan shenanigans meant worming your way onto a game show in order to win an RV so that you could comfortably follow your favorite frost-tipped boy band on tour, but there was. It was the early-aughts, and if that time feels like a bit of a metallic-tinted blur, don’t worry: Lance Bass is developing a road trip comedy that will bring us right back.

The former N Sync member-turned-film and television producer is currently developing a film based on the true story of two girls who competed for—and won—a Winnebago on The Price Is Right in order to follow the band on their final tour. Their journey was featured in an MTV special about the tour around 2001, where the traveling fans not only met the band, but also learned that boys would be paying for the taxes owed on their RV. We do love a practical gift.


Bass has indicated that music would play a major role in the film, though it is unclear as to whether or not that will include the band’s iconic song catalogue. There is already potential for the project to be adapted into a Broadway stage show once it premieres, so we can only hope that this project includes a robust “Space Cowboy” number. There is no word just yet regarding whether or not his former band mates will have any involvement in the film.

[Via Variety]

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