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An L.A. theater is pairing its Meg sneak peek with cinematic shark classic Jaws…3-D

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Photo: The Meg (Warner Bros.)

We’ll be honest, folks: As fans of movies where large, ruthless predators try to eat the crap out of dopey humans and our various action heroes, we’re getting pretty excited for the dumb shark action of The Meg. (Have you heard? The shark in question is very big.) But just in case you aren’t already on our “Sharks are awesome, and bigger sharks are awesomer” wavelength, the organizers of L.A.’s Beyond Fest are here to help get you in the festive Megmass mood. (That’s Christmas, but for The Meg. We assume that was perfectly clear.)

The Beyond Fest team issued an e-mail today announcing an upcoming event in L.A., cheerfully dubbed the Meg-A-Thon, and featuring a triple feature of three of the best bad shark movies ever made. Obviously, that includes Renny Harlin’s Deep Blue Sea, probably best known these days as the movie where Samuel L. Jackson gets abruptly eaten by a massive carnivore with quasi-human intelligence, but also for providing the immortal LL Cool J lyric, “Deepest, bluest, my hat is like a shark’s fin.”

That triumph will then be met with the other non-Meg entry on the bill, the biggest name in shark-based action, period: Jaws.



That’s right, Dennis Quaid fans: Joe Alves’ 1983 sequel classic will be airing right alongside a sneak peek of the upcoming Jason Statham fun, depicting the bloody battle between the people (and dolphins) of SeaWorld Orlando, and the great white shark what wants to et them. And while Jaws 3-D isn’t quite as delightfully ludicrous as the follow-up, Jaws: The Revenge—which features not only Michael Caine giving one of the most obnoxious performances of his career, but also the idea that a shark would pursue a family hundreds of miles to the Bahamas, solely to slake its need for vengeance—it does have a lot of pleasantly goofy 3D effects to make up for it.

In fact, Meg-A-Thon is being organized as a sub-set of a wider celebration of 3D in film being held by the American Cinematheque theater in L.A., which will be running throughout the week. The free screenings—tickets available here—are scheduled for Saturday, August 4.

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