As our culture slowly devolves into a ceaseless, thudding parade of sequels—with even once-sequel-shy studio Pixar announcing its fourth trip back to the money well—we seem to have finally made it to the fifth stage of the Kübler-Ross model: acceptance. No longer does the prospect of The Force Awakens cause an overproduction of bile, now that we’ve navigated the treacherous waters of The Phantom Menace. Any doubts to the contrary can be simply put to rest by studying the trend of upward returns on every successive film in the Fast and Furious series.

Now the next logical evolution is upon us and we can enjoy the prospect of envisioning sequels that never were, and in some cases actually lament their having not been made. Los Angeles gallery iam8bit has gotten into the retroactive sequel game by previewing their upcoming art exhibit “Sequel,” a collection of works by over 40 artists imagining a diverse slate of film follow-ups. Works range from the recently discussed Labyrinth 2 to the not-even-in-Darren-Aronofsky’s-wildest-dreams The Fountain: Wake.


A selection of works can be viewed online ahead of the gallery’s opening which, for those lucky enough to live in Los Angeles, is free and opens this coming Thursday, November 13th. For everyone else, prints from the show will be available for purchase online on November 14th. Not to fret, though— if the show proves popular, there’s bound to be a sequel or six.