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An Irish choir sang The Simpsons’ “Baby On Board” on a rooftop

The Simpsons

Surprisingly willing to ignore the dismissive cries of “eh, it’s been done” from the street below, an Irish vocal group called The Ramparts decided to perform an homage to The Simpsons by singing the hit barbershop song “Baby On Board” from a rooftop—just like the thing that happened on the show. Their version doesn’t really live up to the one performed by Homer Simpson, Seymour Skinner, Apu DeBeaumarchais, and Barney Gumble all of those years ago, and they’re on more of a balcony than a proper rooftop, but it’s still a delightfully elaborate Simpsons reference.

Sadly, the video—which comes from Pedestrian (via Mashable)doesn’t end with a human fly complaining about the lack of attention from a nearby building or a dejected police chief preparing to launch tear gas at the performers.

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