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An Inside Out parody asks, “Was that Racist?”

In this summer’s instantly beloved Disney film Inside Out, lead character Riley Anderson navigates the world with help from five internal captains: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger. Living in Anderson’s subconscious, they help her decipher her experiences, and determine how to feel about them.

This week’s episode of the newly launched MTV Decoded, a weekly examination of race and pop culture, writer and actor Franchesca Ramsay parodies this film. She’s got Weariness, Paranoia, Shade, Optimism, and Fury at the helm; they are helping her to determine if someone is being racist towards her or not.

“We’ve all had those moments of ‘was that racist?’,” she explains in the comments of the video’s YouTube page. “Where we’re not sure if we’re overreacting or underreacting. So this week’s episode of Decoded parodies Pixar’s Inside Out and takes a peek at what goes on inside when those moments pop up.”


In the end, it turns out that Fury was right about the barista in question the whole time, but it’s actually fun and educational to get a glimpse of how loaded everything is for Ramsey, as Fury and Hope duke it out to determine if we’re living in a post-racial world after all.

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