Hollywood’s rampant sequel-itis has struck again, as THR reports that the producers of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth are considering a follow-up to the 2006 film, one that would catch fans up with all their favorite Inconvenient Truth characters, like the Earth. Producer Lawrence Bender says he’s already had conversations about a second film that would revisit the original’s tale of climate change—only this time, upping the ante with a bigger body count and an even more terrifying villain, according to the rule of sequels.

“The update has to be incredible and shocking,” said environmental activist Laurie David, who notes that the first film’s chief baddie, Hurricane Katrina, has since been answered by “extreme weather events every other week.” These, along with the fossil fuel industry that has spent the intervening years decrying An Inconvenient Truth, could potentially combine to form a whole team of villains for Al Gore to thrust his pointer at in a sequel—as well as any possible spinoffs, should the Inconvenient Truth franchise continue from there.


Strangely, the article makes no mention of Gore’s involvement just yet, leading to speculation the whole thing could be rebooted with, say, Bradley Cooper. You’d probably pay attention to climate change then.